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Paul Sies Paul Sies

Cyprus Airways Registers Solid August Performance

Cyprus Airways recently announced its traffic results for this August confirming steady operational progress.

During this month, the airline operated 321 flights and carried a total of 47,514 passengers (39,237 on scheduled routes and 8,277 on charter business). Average Seat Load Factors for the month stood at a healthy 94 percent, whilst On Time Performance (OTP) figures show that 89 percent of flights operated on time.

Paul Sies, CEO, Cyprus Airways said, “After announcing a strong (and net profitable) July performance, we are today announcing an even better result for August. We have continued to improve our already high Seat Loaf Factors by two percent (July: 92 percent) and registered new business opportunities including extra (sports related) charter flights. Over the last two months we operated 750 flights, carried over 100,000 passengers, and achieved strong load factors all over our network. On top of this we have also secured an ACMI leases operation of one of our aircraft in Latvia, which in August, secured us another 126 more flights which we operated on behalf of the charterer. This summer, our most popular routes of Athens, Beirut, Tel-Aviv and Yerevan have improved our revenues and we are looking forward to announcing soon a strong route network for this winter.”

Cyprus Airways will soon be announcing its winter 2022-2023 flight schedule with new frequencies to the most popular destinations at great timings and the best value for money prices. The airline operates an Airbus A319 and two Airbus A320 aircraft fleet which are currently being operating on a seven-scheduled destination network to Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Yerevan and Rhodes.

“As we continue to grow the connectivity between Cyprus and key destinations, we remain committed to assist the Island by boosting tourism demand and facilitating travel to and from the Island. We are proud to be the only airline in Cyprus serving the Cypriot market and working for the benefit of the Cypriot Economy and its tourism industry by connecting Cyprus,” concluded Sies.