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Cyprus Airways November Results Cyprus Airways November Results

Cyprus Airways Announced Remarkable November 2022 Results

Cyprus Airways recently announced its traffic results for November 2022.

During the month of November, the airline operated a total of 239 flights (406 percent increase over November 2021) and carried a total of 29,820 passengers (1260 percent increase over November 2021), registering a load factor of 74 percent, a substantial increase in seat load-factor of 24 p.p over same period last year. “

These figures are remarkable, even when compared with those registered in November 2019, before the start of the pandemic. Last month (November 2021) we carried 1260 percent more traffic and operated 406 percent more flights than in November 2019,” said Natalya Milovanova, chief financial officer, Cyprus Airways.

To service this requirement, the airline made plans to increase seat capacity between December 15 and 15, 2022 and January 15 on Athens, Yerevan, and its newly launched route of Paris, to facilitate incoming tourists and Cypriots visiting Cyprus over the Christmas period.

To continue boosting demand targeting specifically Christmas shopping enthusiasts, the airline had issued special offers on day trips to Athens, and other offers on its recently launched routes of Paris and Rome.

“We are continuing with our steadfast commitment to boost tourism demand and facilitate travel to and from the Island. As the sole Cypriot flag Carrier, we are working for the benefit of the Cypriot economy and its tourism industry, all year round,” added Milovanova