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A celebratory event to launch our new point of sales in Larnaca Airport A celebratory event to launch our new point of sales in Larnaca Airport

Cyprus Airways Ticketing Office has Commenced Operations

March 14 marked the opening ceremony of Cyprus Airways Ticketing Office in Larnaca Airport, which enables Cyprus Airways to assist passengers directly and foster a relationship of trust and commitment among the airline and its target market.

Their dedicated staff, with the head of customers service, Valentinos Halloumis, will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding issues that could potentially occur at the airport and provide personalized assistance in matters that concern flight information.

 The appropriate guidance in booking management is diligently provided to all passengers who wish to change their flight dates, purchase specific seats on board, upgrade their travel experience to our business class, create reservations anew or plan multi-city trips with Cyprus Airways. This creates a smooth travel experience and provides enhanced support towards the airline’s customer base.

 Cyprus Airways new Point of Sales is open 365 days a year from 4am until midnight, offering support and flight-related service provision. Services can be obtained using all forms of payment to better fulfil the requirements of all the airline’s passengers.

 Cyprus Airways has created a welcoming environment that can accommodate the needs of individuals using a wheelchair, in order to safeguard accessibility to their services and strengthen our commitment to create an inclusive brand.

 The Ticketing Office, located in the departure hall at Larnaca Airport, is easily accessible and the friendly team, boasting over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, is there to assist all of the airline’s clients create a unique travel experience. If you consider trying their distinguished business class, offering a range of eclectic services which are bound to exceed your expectations, feel free to pay Cyprus Airways a visit to make all the necessary arrangements for you.

 In the unfortunate event of flight delays or cancellations, the staff is there to provide all the necessary information in order to counteract any negative ramifications that could impact the passengers and offer solutions and alternatives to get everyone to their destination safely.

 For more information, our excellently trained team will gladly offer a glimpse into the history, operation, and legacy of Cyprus Airways to raise awareness and familiarity of the brand among the general public in Cyprus and abroad.