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Percentage distribution of R&D expenditure by sector 2008-2019 Percentage distribution of R&D expenditure by sector 2008-2019

Research and Development Activity in Cyprus in 2019

On the basis of the results of the survey carried out by the Cyprus Statistical Service for the collection of data on scientific research and experimental development, total research and development (R&D) expenditure in Cyprus in 2019 is estimated at EUR164,4 million which corresponds to 0,74 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), compared to EUR133,1 million or 0,62 percent of the GDP in 2018.

Despite the substantial increase of 23,5 percent observed in R&D expenditure in 2019 relative to 2018, the share of the GDP of Cyprus devoted to R&D activities continues to be low compared to other countries.

 For example, the share of R&D expenditure to the GDP of the Member States of the European Union stands at 2,20 percent on average (ranging from 0,50 percent in Romania, 0,57 percent in Malta and 0,64 percent in Latvia to 3,18 percent in Germany, 3,19 percent in Austria and 3,40 percent in Sweden).

By sector of performance, the business enterprises accounted in 2019 for EUR70,7 million or 43,0 percent of total R&D expenditure, the higher education institutions for EUR63,0 million or 38,3 percent, the private non-profit institutions for EUR18,6 million or 11,3 percent and the government for EUR12,2 million or 7,4 percent, comparing with shares of 40,5 percent, 40,1 percent, 11,0 percent and 8,4 percent respectively in 2018.