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Cyprus Tourism Statistics for 2023 Announced

The movement of travellers to and from Cyprus in 2023 recorded an increase compared to 2022. Total arrivals of travellers reached 6.107.725 recording an increase of 26,4 percent and departures totalled 6.105.574, also recording an increase of 26,8 percent, compared to 2022. Air traffic represented 95,1 percent of arrivals and 95,2 percent of departures in 2023.

During 2023, the UK was the most important source of tourism for Cyprus with a share of 33,9 percent of the total tourist traffic, followed by Israel with 10,7 percent, Poland with 7,1 percent, Germany with 5,5 percent, Greece with 4,9 percent, Sweden with 3,8 percent, Romania and France with 2,1 percent.

Out of the total number of tourists, 34,2 percent stated that they stayed in Paphos, 16,4 percent in Ayia Napa, 13,4 percent in Larnaca, 12 percent in Limassol, 11,2 percent in Paralimni and smaller proportions in other areas. For a percentage of 80,3 percent of tourists, the purpose of their trip in 2023 was holidays, for 13,3 percent visit to friends and relatives and for 6,3 percent business.

In 2023, revenue from tourism was estimated at EUR2.990,6 million, compared to EUR2.439,2 million in 2022, recording an increase of 22,6 percent. The average expenditure per person was EUR777,68 in 2023, recording an increase of 2,1 percent from 2022. The highest average expenditure per person in 2023 was recorded in the month of August with €944,51 and the lowest in the month of February with EUR475,39.

The trips of residents of Cyprus abroad increased by 33,4 percent in 2023, and reached 1.680.345 as compared to 1.259.643 in 2022. In 2023 34,4 percent visited Greece, 10,6 percent the UK, 4,8 percent Italy, 3,5 percent France, 3,2 percent Germany and 2,7 percent Bulgaria. The peak-season for residents traveling abroad was the period of July- August. A percentage of 72 percent of the residents of Cyprus traveling abroad in 2023 stated that the main reason for traveling was holidays, 19,7 percent stated professional reasons, 6,6 percent studies and 1,8 percent other purposes.