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Top ten airports based on number of flights Top ten airports based on number of flights

Commercial Flights Reach 6.3 Million in 2023

In 2023, there were 6.3 million commercial flights in the EU. The number of flights remained below pre-pandemic levels in 2019 (7.0 million). 

Non-scheduled flights (charter flights and other special flights) constituted 9.2 percent of all flights in 2023. The summer months, June, July, and August recorded the highest prevalence (10.9 percent, 11.4 percent, and 10.4 percent, respectively).

The highest count of commercial flights in 2023 was recorded in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands – 453 000. It was followed by Paris-Charles de Gaulle (451 000) in France and Frankfurt/Main (427 000) in Germany. 

Among the top 10 airports with biggest numbers of flights, the highest shares of non-scheduled flights were recorded in Athens (5.6 percent) in Greece, Wien (5.1 percent) in Austria and Madrid (4.7 percent) in Spain.