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Paradox Museum Limassol Paradox Museum Limassol

The Most ‘Paradoxical Museum’ is Coming to Limassol Marina

Planning to open its doors at the beginning of March, Paradox Museum Limassol is Limassol Marina’s newest and incredibly exciting addition to its commercial area! Permanently based inside the marina’s TRAKASOL Cultural Center, Paradox Museum Limassol promises to offer visitors a thrilling experience that seeks to combine education and entertainment elevating their experience for anything unexpected. 

Fifty ‘Paradoxical’ visual and interactive exhibits have been designed to both sharpen the mind and confuse the eyes! Based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology, the exhibits will not only play tricks the senses, but also challenge almost everything we think we know. Delivering a unique experience to people of all ages, Paradox Museum Limassol endeavors to touch the hearts and minds of visitors, with novel and highly fascinating perspectives. A visit to the Museum will undoubtedly provide exceptional Instagrammable moments, providing photos that friends, and family will not believe to be real.  In this new innovative, experiential, entertainment space, visitors will have great fun watching their bodies distort by 'multiplying', suddenly 'getting taller, and much more.

A joint business venture by Sakis Tanimanidis and Miltos Kambouridis, Paradox Museum Limassol forms part of the Paradox Group founded in 2018. The Paradox Group focuses on the development of and operates businesses that provide experiential and exhilarating experiences in different countries around the world. With offices in Athens, Zagreb and Miami, Paradox Group is the most innovative and fastest growing company in the experiential education industry.