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Cyprus Revenue from tourism 2022-2023 Cyprus Revenue from tourism 2022-2023

Increased Revenue from Tourism in January for Cyprus

On the basis of the results of the Passenger Survey carried out by the Statistical Service, revenue from tourism in Cyprus reached EUR45,6 million this January compared to EUR28,2 million in the corresponding month of the 2022, recording an increase of 61,7 percent.

The average expenditure per person was EUR503,83 in January compared to EUR641,01 in January 2022, recording a decrease of 21,4 percent.

Tourists from the UK (the largest tourist market with 20,6 percent of the total tourists in January) spent on average EUR49,84 per day, while tourists from Israel (the second largest market during the specific month with 16,6 percent of the total tourists) spent on average EUR145,63. Tourists from Poland (the third largest market with 12,3 percent), spent on average EUR62,61 per day.