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EU Ice Cream Production Grew by Five Percent in 2022

In 2022, the EU produced 3.2 billion litres of ice cream, marking a five percent increase from 2021.

Among the EU countries, Germany was the main producer of ice cream in 2022, producing 620 million litres of ice cream, followed by France (591 million litres) and Italy (571 million litres). 

As well as being the largest ice cream producer in 2022, Germany produced on average the cheapest ice cream at EUR1.5 per litre. France reported an average price of EUR1.9 per litre of ice cream, while Italy reported an average price of EUR2.3 per litre of ice cream.

The most expensive ice cream was produced in Austria, with an average price of EUR7.0 per litre of ice cream, followed by Denmark (EUR4.4 per litre), and Finland (EUR2.8 per litre).

In 2022, the EU countries exported 250 million kilograms (kg) of ice cream to non-EU countries, worth a total of EUR930 million. On the other hand, imports of ice cream from non-EU countries amounted to 61 million kg, valued at EUR203 million. The quantity of extra-EU ice cream imports decreased by 14 percent in 2022, compared with 2021, while exports dropped by only two percent. 

France exported 53 million kg of ice cream in 2022, accounting for 21 percent of extra-EU ice cream exports. This made it the largest ice cream exporter out of all EU countries, ahead of the Netherlands (42 million kg of ice cream; 17 percent of total extra-EU exports), Italy (31 million kilograms; 13 percent), Germany (28 million kilograms; 11 percent) and Belgium (23 million kilograms; nine percent).