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Diamantides Yachting Diamantides Yachting

Year-Round Speedboat Training with Diamantides Yachting

Become a licensed speedboat operator by learning to effectively and safely pilot a boat with the help of professionals in the field Diamantides Yachting in Limassol.

Diamantides Yachting offers a speedboat operator’s license course all year round to anyone who wants to learn how to maneuver their own yacht within the crystal waters of Limassol Marina and beyond, with the guidance of professional instructors.

The course includes both theoretical guidance and practical lessons to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare and pass the official Deputy Ministry Shipping exam. Then, with the High-Speed Small-Vessel operator license, the holder can sail away and oversee their own ocean journey.

These courses are suitable for everyone, irrespective of current sailing experience. Diamantides Yachting recommends two two-hour lessons and a final one-hour review lesson for the completion of the course and preparation for the exam. However, as everyone is different, the time needed for exam preparation varies depending on how confident the participants are and whether they have any previous experience.