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Century Travel Partners with Explora Journeys as Preferred Representative for Cyprus

Century Travel, a renowned cruise specialist in Cyprus, has recently announced its partnership with Explora Journeys, having been chosen by Explora Journeys as preferred sales representative for Cyprus.   

This exceptional partnership will cater to Cypriot travellers looking to enjoy world-class luxury cruising onboard a transformative luxury lifestyle travel brand with a unique proposition, connecting travellers with the ocean, themselves and their environments.

Founded in 2007 with an ambition to become the leader in the cruising industry in Cyprus, Century Travel today boasts over 15 years of success in the Cyprus cruising market, having partnered with the best world cruise lines to offer exceptional cruising experiences for Cypriot travellers sailing from Limassol, as well as from ports all around the world. 

Explora Journeys is the personification of ‘a dream come true’.  The brand represents the ambition and long-held dream of the MSC Group and the Aponte family to create a transformative luxury ocean travel experience and brand that redefines the luxury cruise category. 

Founded on more than 300 years of maritime history, Explora Journeys will redefine everything you think you know about luxury cruising.   The ships design team is made up of superyacht maritime architects in partnership with Fincantieri, the world’s finest luxury shipbuilders, to bring the vibrant cosmopolitan world of European luxury to the oceans of the world. 

Launching in Summer 2023, this truly unique brand seamlessly combines immersive, destination-led discovery with an onboard experience that takes cues from the world’s finest hotels.

Explora Journeys will debut with an Inaugural Journeys Collection consisting of twenty voyages. The Inaugural Journeys Collection covers Northern Europe, the UK, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, the US East Coast, Caribbean, South America and Hawaii.

Daniel Essex, CEO, Century Travel, said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Explora Journeys for Cyprus and proud to announce this next step for Century Travel.  Since our founding in 2007, we have remained committed to our vision to deliver unmatched cruising experiences for our customers, always exceeding their expectations.  Our industry-leading experience, our dedication to customer service and our commitment to providing exceptional cruising experiences is a winning combination that has led to Century Travel’s representation of Explora Journeys in Cyprus as preferred partner.”