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Marina Hadjimanolis (right) Marina Hadjimanolis (right)

The Shipping Deputy Minister Presented Plans and Goals of the Deputy Ministry

The Cyprus Marine Club held a successful event on June 27, with Marina Hadjimanolis, shipping deputy minister, Cyprus, as the guest speaker.

The event, titled 'Hundred days in charge as Shipping Deputy Minister,' provided an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to engage in discussions and gain valuable insights into the future plans and goals of the Shipping Deputy Ministry.

Eberhard Koch, president, Cyprus Marine Club, expressed his sincere appreciation on behalf of all board members and members of the Cyprus Marine Club to Hadjimanolis for graciously accepting the invitation to attend the event.

In her presentation, Hadjimanolis shared the Shipping Deputy Ministry's plans and goals, focusing on collaboration, innovation, and competitiveness as key drivers, outlining a comprehensive roadmap aimed at propelling Cyprus to the forefront of the global shipping landscape.

One of the notable highlights of Hadjimanolis's presentation was the emphasis on the competitive advantages of the Cyprus Shipping Cluster. She emphasized Cyprus's robust maritime infrastructure and skilled workforce, as well as the active participation of Cyprus in international shipping for a, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Labour Organization (ILO), and the European Union (EU).

The Shipping Deputy Ministry's plans encompass various initiatives, including the implementation of the One Stop Shipping Centre, which will simplify procedures and ensure a more flexible, effective, efficient and customer-oriented service, as well as the implementation of the Shipping Limited Liability Company (S.L.L.C), which will provide additional benefits for such companies.

Other key objectives mentioned by Hadjimanolis included the completion of the digital transformation of all services of the Shipping Deputy Ministry, promoting gender equality in shipping through collaboration with the Commissioner for Gender Equality, and raising public awareness with respect to the importance of maritime-related professions.

Hadjimanolis also informed those attending the event that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the Cyprus Register of Ships, emphasising the fact that it has developed into a leading and important Registry, with a strong voice in the international shipping scene.