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Marina Theodorou cycling team Marina Theodorou cycling team

Ayia Napa: Reception for Cycling Team of Marina Theodorou

On June 09, Christos Zannettou, mayor, Ayia Napa,  welcomed the cycling team of Marina Theodorou as the final stop of the first day of the cycling route ‘BICYCLE FOR ONE EURO’ which this year is part of the corporate social responsibility programme of supermarkets.

The mayor in a short speech highlighted the importance of organising such initiatives aimed at strengthening the social offer and information on nutrition and sports issues included in the Child, Nutrition and Health programme. 

He said that it is an honor for the Municipality of Ayia Napa that this route ends in the picturesque port of the city and wished all cyclists a good stay in Ayia Napa and a good route tomorrow on the second day of the event. The mayor offered gifts to all the cyclists of the team and presented on behalf of the Municipality to Marina Theodorou, an icon of the Virgin of Ayia Napa.

For her part, Marina Theodorou thanked on behalf of the team both the mayor and the Municipality of Ayia Napa for their decision to host the entire cycling team for free in hotels in Ayia Napa and expressed her gratitude for the support of the Municipality in this cycling event.