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Yiannades Beach Goes Plastic Free Yiannades Beach Goes Plastic Free

Larnaca’s Yiannades Beach Goes Plastic Free

Yiannades (Goldfish) Beach has officially become Larnaca’s first ‘plastic free beach’ encouraging an ethos of 'refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle' as part of Larnaca Tourism Board’s (LTB) ongoing sustainability and coastal protection plans. 

Supported by LTB, the action by the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) and TUI Care Foundation is in cooperation with Voroklini Community Council and part of the ‘Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free, Destination Zero Plastic in Cyprus’ project, supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism (DMT). 

So, how can beachgoers at Yiannades become more environmentally conscious? It goes without saying that rubbish should be collected and disposed of properly to avoid littering the sand and sea, but other small actions can also make a big difference. 

Smokers are encouraged to dispose of their cigarette ends in the designated area with ashtrays and not in the sand. Aside from taking many years to decompose, cigarette ends also contain microplastics that end up in the sea, harming marine life and entering our food chain. 

To avoid plastic bottles, a water station has been set up for filling reusable bottles or cups with free, filtered drinking water; with the added benefit of all-day access to refreshingly chilled water on a hot day.

Popular Yiannades is located along the Voroklini coastline of Larnaca-Dekeleia Road, and is one of the region’s beaches that is already annually upgraded under the ‘Enriching and Greening Larnaka Beaches’ programme that includes sustainable actions such as increased tree planting. It is also within the Larnaka Marine Protected Area (MPA) that incorporates an artificial reef for the enhancement of biodiversity. 

Whilst Yiannades is currently Larnaca’s ‘plastic free beach’, its ethos can - and should - be applied to any beaches you are visiting this summer, so that we can all enjoy them for many years to come.